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Odor Eliminating Wax Melt Recipe




  1. Prepare a water bath by bringing a little less than 1 inch of water to a simmer on medium-low heat in a small pot.

  2. Weigh out your wax in a heat safe container/melting pitcher and place the container in the water bath in order to melt the wax.

  3. Once your wax reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the container from the water bath and mix in the fragrance oil.

  4. Once your mixture gets down to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, pour it into your molds, only filling them 3/4s of the way. You will use the remaining wax for your second pour.

  5. Let your wax set up in the mold then re-melt the remaining wax to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and pour it in the molds to top off your wax melts.

  6. If you would like to add pink cornflower or other decorations, sprinkle them on top of your second pour while it is still in a liquid state.

  7. Let your wax melts cool at room temperature then close the clamshell.


  • This recipe makes 2 Snap Bars using the Candlescience molds. If you are using clamshells from a different source, please note that the capacity may differ, as well as the melting temperature of the clamshell (180 degrees for CS molds). If the temperature does differ, please adjust accordingly as the wax may melt the clamshell.

  • If you are using a different wax, please adhere to the melting instructions for that wax.

  • This recipe uses approx. 9% fragrance oil. If you find that this is too strong, you can adjust it to approx. 8% but using 107g wax and 9g fo.

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